Optimizing & Enhancing Child Exploitation Investigations.

AntiToxin empowers local, federal and international investigators around the world with cutting-edge AI investigative and intelligence tools to combat child exploitation.

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AntiToxin’s Proprietary AI Technology

provides Officers & Agents with modern, cutting-edge tools that both puts them one step ahead of child predators and expedites due justice.


AntiToxin’s Investigative Tool

An Investigative Product Built By Officers, For Officers.


AntiToxin’s Intelligence Platform

Designed for Federal & International Task Forces.

Our Technology Saves Children

AntiToxin’s analysts, engineers and data scientists continuously work with law enforcement to identify and bring child predators to justice. While we can’t share many details so as to not jeopardize investigations, here are a couple of stories we’ve shared publicly:

AntiToxin Helps Facebook Remove 120,000 Child Predators from WhatsApp:

AntiToxin Helps Bing Remove CSAM from Search Results:

Our Webinar with NW3C Is Available On Demand:

About AntiToxin Technologies

Our proprietary AI technology is the result of our background in intelligence, cyberwarfare and white hat hacking. The team includes: Data Scientists, Psychologists, PhD’s, Alumni of Israel Defense Forces Units 81 & 8200, secret intelligence branches and intercept specialists.

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