A new standard for online safety.

As parents, technologists and concerned citizens, we shouldn’t choose between technology and safety. We should have both.

The innovations of the Internet have transformed our lives.

Yet we’ve also learned that these innovations come with a cost. We’re more connected than ever, but we’re also more exposed. It’s not just humanity’s virtues that have been amplified and spread using 21st century technology.

The most pervasive threat to our society – and our families – doesn’t come from small pockets of violent radicals or hostile foreign governments.

The greatest threat we face is more widespread, more mundane, and far harder to combat. Toxic social behavior – harassment, threats, and abuse – proliferated at the Internet’s speed and scale.

It’s not possible to prevent every single incidence of Online Toxicity. But it is possible to fundamentally change the experience of living in the 21st century.

Your social graph reveals a lot about you – but it does little to protect you. What we need now is a ‘Safety Graph,’ a web of connections that becomes stronger – safer –  as more connections are added.

With the same methods used to target users to place ads, suggest new friends, or promote content, we figure out which of us are at risk of being target for harassment, or worse.

And with our Anti-Toxicity tech layered on top, we pinpoint bullying, shaming, abusive and predatory behaviors, even self-harm.

Defining A Category

The unprecedented levels of Online Toxicity, combined with unprecedented technological scale, are resulting in unprecedented social consequences. It’s an epidemic that requires new thinking.

Our company DNA is rooted in cybersecurity and white hat hacking. Everything is a ‘zero-day’ to us. While not an optimistic prism, it is quite helpful when building toward safety.

It’s with this approach that we are building Anti-Toxicity technology that protects both children and adults from these forms of Online Toxicity:

Bullying, Shaming, Predatory & Abusive Behaviors, as well as Self-Harm.

We partner with Gaming, Social and Messaging providers in order to monitor and crunch a myriad of signals to identify, flag and remove Online Toxicity.

These partnerships allow us to identify toxic users in one game, and curtail their abuse of other users at another. Or, prevent users in one messaging app, from promoting self-harm in another.

Humanity • Technology • Safety

You May Have Read of Our Work

In our first quarter out of the gate, we got Facebook to remove 130,000+ pedophiles from public groups on WhatsApp with a front page story on the Financial Times. We then got Google & Facebook to purge apps that were monetizing links to these groups on WhatsApp. And then we got Bing to remove underage porn from its search results.

AntiToxin sells safetytech to clean up poisoned platforms (June 5, 2019, TechCrunch)

Adults In the Room

Mending society is no easy feat, but the formula is fairly straightforward: Right People + Right Technology.

We founded AntiToxin with a moral compass as professionals — and parents — who have spent their careers creating technologies that protect people and organizations.

We’ve assembled a team of technologists who unapologetically make protecting people their top priority. The world has plenty of innovators who put growth first, or innovation first – we are tempering these impulses with a commitment to safety first.

Our team’s backgrounds span the sciences, technology, philosophy, law, history, and archeology.

Ultimately though, there is a singular guiding-light for us: Build only what would be best not for us, but for our children.

Zohar Levkovitz

Co-Founder & CEO
Father of three, Zohar is a serial-entrepreneur that has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year in California for his work in leading Sequoia-backed Amobee to an acquisition by SingTel. He is also a Technology Pioneer for the World Economic Forum. Zohar also served on the US Board of SpaceIL, the first commercial Israeli endeavor to land a robotic vehicle on the moon.

Ron Porat

Co-Founder & CTO
Father of three, Ron has been a white hat hacker for over 20 years. A serial entrepreneur with multiple exits of cybersecurity startups, Ron was the co-Founder & CEO of Shine, a mobile ad blocking company that worked with mobile carriers to block ads at the network level. Before that, Ron was the Co-Founder & CEO of Hacktics, a white hat hacking shop sold to Ernst & Young. Ron also headed Seeker Security, a startup that developed a secure development lifecycle solution, which was sold to Quotium.

Hemi Pecker

Father of two, Hemi is a Cyber Strategy and Artificial Intelligence leader, with over 28 years of experience in managing, developing and designing strategies for large-scale information systems in the fields of Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare, AI and Innovative Technology. Hemi is a former director of the Cyber and Innovation R&D division in the Prime Minister’s Office and former senior director of the Motorola Israel Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence.

We’re Hiring

We’re looking to hire folks with experience in companies operating social graphs or consumer surveillance platforms, with superb skill-sets, and a conscience.

If you have expertise in AI, NLP, ML, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity or User Growth, come join us at our Tel-Aviv or Palo Alto offices and let’s mend society together.

Simply reach out to us with or without your CV.

For Press inquiries, email us at: press@antitoxin.com