We're building the world's first 'Safety Graph'.

A social graph designed for mutual safety and well-being.

Defining A Category

There is unprecedented Online Toxicity, at unprecedented technological scale, with unprecedented social consequences.

The companies at the root of Online Toxicity have abdicated their responsibility. We're not ready to give up on society, so we’re stepping-up to the plate. That's why we're developing a new breed of solutions that protect both children and adults from these forms of Online Toxicity:


Abusive Behavior



Predatory Behavior

Explicit Activity

Clear & Present Dangers

In our first month out of the gate we got Facebook to remove 130,000+ pedophiles from public groups on WhatsApp with a front page story on the Financial Times. We then got Google & Facebook to purge apps that were monetizing links to these groups on WhatsApp. And then we got Bing to remove underage porn from its search results.

Helping parents protect their children is our first priority. The work is serious, and hard, but you get to go home knowing you made a real difference.

We're Hiring

We’re looking to hire folks with experience in companies operating social graphs or consumer surveillance platforms, with superb skill-sets, and a conscience.

If you have expertise in AI, NLP, ML, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity or User Growth, come join us at our Tel-Aviv or Palo Alto offices and let’s mend society together.

Simply reach out to us with or without your CV.

Adults in the Room

Mending society is no easy feat, but the formula is fairly straightforward: Right People + Right Technology.

We founded AntiToxin with our moral compass as professionals — and parents — who have spent their careers creating technologies that protect people and organizations.

We also draw from the team’s wide range of academic backgrounds: From history and archeology, to philosophy, the sciences, law, and yes, even business school.

Ultimately though, there is a singular guiding-light for us: Build only what would be best not for us, but for our children.

Zohar Levkovitz, CEO

Father of three, Zohar has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year for his work in leading Sequoia-backed Amobee to an acquisition by SingTel.

Ron Porat, CTO

Father of three, Ron is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits of cybersecurity and white-hat hacking startups.

Roi Carthy, CMO

Father of four, Roi is a former VC and an award-winning marketer with notable work in PHP and ad blocking.